Sunday, October 29, 2006

lol, slut

Friday, October 27, 2006

wtf nsfw ffs

i am totally not gonna bother warning you against reading my blog while you're at work. if you dont know what the fuck you should be doing while on your employers computer then you deserve to get fired you stupid piece of shit. and i hope its damn embarrassing too.

yes that was completely unprovoked.

Monday, October 23, 2006

i forfeit my liver

today me an tapeworm smoked drugs and then i made us listen to galore and basically that entire album is about how jacque is an insatiable slut.

all my friends hate each other. and some of them even hate me.

i have achieved a new and higher level of nerddom lately my days consist of working out and listening to npr. i still have no idea what they're on about most of the time but im listening damnit.

thursday i got a letter about the "disturbances" coming from my unit. ugh.. i would totally bitch about that except im kinda exhausted of talking about it anymore. i dunno maybe later.

i found a post i wrote a long time ago like maybe a year and a half that i never posted cos tapeworm said it was "too much" and so i read it again last night to him and he still says its "too much". i think perhaps i ask him what he thinks "too much" ..but he is prolly right an thats why ure reading this instead of that.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

more whining/complaining

the best way to sum today up would be complete hormonal rampage. um hello internet im bleeding again.

i dropped out of school (again) i will be going back sometime in january but for now i am supposed to get a job or something sometime. heh. i am okay at working as long as it is not a neverending pit of time suckage. having to see the same people everyday totally pisses me off. like a few days i am okay with but they hafta be spread out and also i cant stay too long.

hmmm well pretty much i am back to avoiding my mother again. i had this rather extended loss of reason an accountability where i was planning to move in with them and i actually did go stay with them for what ended up being 2.375 days because thats how long it took me to get tired of my dad smelling like a bottle of bacardi before 10am. jealousy is ugly.

also my birthday will be on november 3 again this year.
prepare yourselves.

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