Monday, June 26, 2006


this blog is crippling me. I have pictures to upload but I am too special to get them off my phone. practically everyone at the gh is a lesbian now so me and tapeworm ate cupcakes and synthesized vitamin d.

I called my dad last sunday to say happy fathers day and he was too drunk to hold a conversation so I guess it was a good one. he was introducing me as his wife's daughter which is probably indicative of more than just his stupefaction. I am totally gonna pull my hair over one eye soon.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

a nugget for you

the problem with helping people other than it being a total waste of time is that it only serves to perpetuate their helplessness and validate it for them. people that need help are lazy and the only reason they don't get it is because they don't pay attention when someones there to show them what the fuck they need to do. they are somehow under the assumption that you are there to do it for them and that its gonna do them any good to have the right answers if they don't know how they got there. it is pretty much decided i am not interested in tutoring because smart kids don't need help.

Monday, June 12, 2006

he's a real pantshitter

tapeworm did not go to work today because he can't stop shitting himself. then the toilet flusher broke off (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I have no idea what I am supposed to do about that actually but I am hoping it does not involve having the maintenance man up here again. my place is rather trashed plus he is a total molester.

we spent the whole weekend at my parents house but mostly at the bar down the.. um, street? I guess. I got amazingly drunk because there is really nothing else to do and all the "locals" were completely obsessed that we're from a real city and wanted to live vicariously through my bra.

the only weed they have is brown and poverty makes me sad kinda so I shared mine and I think they may have mistook my generosity for kindness, but in truth was merely another opportunity for me to show off and act superior.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

why are you still here????

I am basically a genius at nutrition now although no one cares to heed my advice at all. obesity = retardation. seriously.

anyhow, I have decided that I will take zero classes this summer and maybe tutor people or get a job but probably not.

yesterday brokeback bob stopped by right in the middle of pilates cos he lacks the foresight to call ahead and see if anyone even wanted to see him so I didn't stop the entire time he was here. he lives like 40 minutes away and his wife doesn't let him get high so he just pops over whenever and says some shit like "I was just in the neighborhood" which is total crap so I won't get him stoned until he admits he came over just to freeload and hide from his bitch.

also, if you haven't sat thru the atrocity that was brokeback mountain DONT. unless you are into vulgar tasteless displays of homo cock thrust and tent desecration. with all those sheep out there they just HAD to fuck each other huh? I don't buy it.
to be honest, Im kinda hurt that none of you cared enough to question my judgement on that one. thanks guys.

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