Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i have a job now where i sell things to people and i completely hate it. actually it would be good if more people wanted to buy the things that i sell but when people arent buying things i get to act busy and that translates to cleaning. so mostly i have a job cleaning more things than i sell. but they do pay me, so all is not lost. also i now have to get up at six am to work out which kinda blows but oh well right. i am still seeking other endeavors, tho. there is a new guy there, newer than me, who secures things er whatever he is basically a dork and he likes me too much for my liking. he wants to buy me lunch and touch me in bad places. also he is old enough to be my dad. well, if i had been born when he was in junior high anyway. wait, i probably was. that was dumb anyhow what i mean is he is and no matter how rude i am about that fact he does not take the hint and continues to portray himself in a child molesterly manner which is endearing in its own right im sure but will continue to prove fruitless nonetheless.
in other news i have not smoked pot at all in something like two months. surprisingly i dont really miss it all that much. not at all really. i dont even think about it and considering thats basically all i did for a good ten years it seems like its been a little too easy to give up. maybe its for good. who knows.

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