Thursday, August 09, 2007

my boobs hurt

and i hate my fucking job. extra. i have nothing else going at the moment but i am seriously considering letting tomorrow be my last day cos its that fucking miserable. ferreals yo. for obvs reasons i am not trying to identify my place of employment but i will say that i have to dress like a goddamn retard and work upwards of 12 hour shifts on a regular basis. and by regular basis i mean 6 days per week. and no they dont pay well either. you're probably wondering why i would've agreed to such a job in the first place and honestly i dont have a good answer for you cos i am asking myself that very question. clearly i am stupid. all i can blame is my new found sobriety. i never made such dumb choices when i got high. in fact when i was high all the time i managed to avoid working completely for at least 2 years. definitely a much smarter carrie on weed. i dunno if i can live here much longer cos i cant get a decent job within a reasonable distance. in seattle i could get away without driving; nothing was more than an hour away by bus. here, all the good jobs are a minimum two hour bus ride away which is not gonna work out. not even close.

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