Sunday, March 25, 2007


i think i bruised my vagina :( today me an jason went to the san diego zoo an i got sunburnt and saw camels and mini monkeys and a woman whose stomach was migrating down her pantlegs. then we went on the ski lift ride against my will an nearly made my chicken sammich consider reverse digestion. but now i am home and my arms itch and i have the sniffles. there is infection lurking in my sinuses i know cos yesterday i sneezed and the most amazingly disgusting glob of bloody green thickness landed right on my shoulder. it was totally metal.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

sometimes i sleep when i drool

holy shit jorell emailed me this blog is like magic alls i hafta do is put ure name innit and a coupla hours later youre all over my inbox fun huh. he says he doesnt hate me and that mean post he made wasnt about me but i kinda dont believe him :O but oh well.
he is pretty much the same really. he met a girl idk where and they are together now all the time plus she is good at math so im really happy for him about that anyhow.

yesterday i watched the truth about cats an dogs on tv and it made me all sensitive and emo cos jason kept calling the ugly girl ugly and having no sympathy for her plight er whatever. that movie was irritating cos for the whole plot to make sense hinges on the viewers ability to pretend that uma thurman is very attractive (?) apparently i lack that ability cos to me she looks like a malnourished hammerhead shark with downs syndrome.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the march installment of my bitter

basically i have red hair now and i moved to california. not in that order tho, california came first. then red hair. also tapeworm and i broke up. this is all backward. 1. broke up 2. california 3. red hair. much better. okay. moving on. yesterday i thot i was ready for advanced pilates except i was wrong. and it hurt a lot. oh and remember jorell? hates me. internet friends are so fickle but whatever i pretty much never use messenger anymore at least not today. all i have left is oprah and shes being totally stooopid right now.

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