Monday, December 27, 2004

How Uncle Grinch Ruined Christmas

Ughh...Damn it. I made a serious mess in my apartment this weekend and I am not going to want to come home after work to clean.
It was all I could do to brave the family Saturday and have decided next year he and I will stay home for Christmas.I hate spending so much time in the car when I really want to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Besides, it breaks my heart to think of my little piglet here alone for Christmas day. For those of you who do not know me, my piggy has just recovered from surgery, one he was not expected to live through. His doctors consider his healing to be nothing short of a miracle and I couldn't be happier than to have his company today. He has began to jump and frolic again doing his "popcorning" which lets me know he is feeling as well as he looks. It had been such a long time since we saw him get really excited and be well enough to physically show it. He is like a new boy.

I was going to schedule my licensing exam during the Chrismas break and I have not picked up my real estate books one time to study.
Thursday, we were at my uncle's place and had mentioned I was sponsored for my license and needed to schedule my test.When he asked why I hadn't done it yet I told him I didn't want to pay the $150 exam fee right before Christmas. He said, "You want to take the licensing exam, Merry Christmas, I will pay for the exam."
I was like wow, really? Cool! He was to drop off the money the next day at my apartment.
I didn't hear from him that day, or the next day either. The day after that I had begun to think perhaps he had forgotten he offered and I certainly didn't want to call and say, "Hey, didn't you want to give me $150?" If he wanted to help me out, I'd let him do it in his own time.
And he did call after about 4 days, saying he would come by and drop off the cash and sounded rather put out over it. He had answered the phone, so I did not hear the change in uncle's attitude over the gift he had offered.
After having been out all day I check my voicemail to hear a message left by uncle and he was right, there was a bitterness. He kept mentioning how he had given the test money and how it was "all he could do". All I could think of was why then did he offer if he wanted to make me feel guilty? Irritated, I decided not to call back just yet. Minutes later the phone ringing, and again his name on the caller id. I waited to hear what sort of pearls he would leave this time and again, seemingly fishing for more thanks, he continued to pat himself on the back and complain endlessly over his tremendous gift to me. I had not yet hung up from the voicemail when an interruption to the line, and to see his name yet AGAIN on the id. Long story shortened, 6 messages of this kind I received, all on Christmas Eve. He and I home sipping champagne and wrapping the last gifts by the glow of the tree, he had said, "I think your uncle is trying to ruin Christmas." Trying? He was well on his way!

Blogger Tickles_Tapeworm thinks I am a total genius.

Man, that guy sounds like a real crapbag.

Thursday, December 30, 2004 10:06:00 PM  

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