Sunday, March 06, 2005

Because I'm a hip, happenin' youngster ...and Ethereal told me to

1. What's your name? Carrie

2. How old are you? 23

3. What color are your eyes? Grey (I think..)

4. What is the most sinister thing you've done? Blog

5. Do you take a fancy to sponges? Not especially.

6. If the world was to end tomorrow, who would you sleep with? Probably Tickles. Yeah, either Tickles or a boyscout. troop.

7. Do you know who I am? not really.

8. Mario Lopez (one of the guys from saved by the bell) offers you an obviously fake nickle. Would you take it? Wow. I really had to think about this. I'm not sure why, but I'm leaning toward yes.

9. Do you like to answer questions? Not really, but I'm willing to compromise.

10. What would you do if you were jumped by a gang of weak elderly people? Run.

11.Do you know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Yeah, he "disappeared".

12.If I said that I owned an arsenal of weapons, would you believe me? not so much.

13.Is this question unlucky? I hope not.

14.An inu, much like the one found at (In the "Artwork" section, second pic down), offers to sleep with you. Would you accept? I think I'll pass.

15.Many people think that vore (the act of a character devouring overexaggerated amounts of food, an object, or another character) is sick twisted and downright gross. Do you feel the same way? Um, what??

16.Would you make friends with wall paneling? I'm getting tired. I'm going to be lazy and take a break.

17.Do you think it's ok to post child pornography anywhere?

18.Would you make a better sword or an axe? (which would you consider yourself to be?)


20.If someone came up to you and slapped you with a kosher pickle, would you slap them back?

21.Your grandma is very sick and you want to give her a nice gift. Would you give her A.)a flower B.)Exploding candy C.)A puppy D.)A jackhammer E.)Perfectly harmless chocolate, or F.)A heaping plate of Fugu, a Japanese delicacy?

22.A strawberry, much like the ones you find in a store, begins harassing a toddler. Would you laugh?

23.You are being arrested by Bobo, the LA street clown. Would you fight him off?

24.If someone gave you a pet rock named Earl, would you change his name?

25.If yes, what would it be?

26.Would you trade a Nintendo 64 for a Super Nintendo Entertainment System?

27.A butcher is five foot ten inches tall. What does he weigh?

28.Have you ever thrown up on a sumo wrestler who had a bad day?

29.If not, would you?

30.A faceless man begins to talk to you. Would you fear for your life?

31.Do you like breakfast in bed?

32.Spongebob is green. Do you agree?

33.You encounter the tribe of the banana people and they claim you to be their god. Would you devour them right away or melt them with your amazing heat vision?

34.If ever you were accidentally given a check for 100 bazillion dollars, would you make it your life long goal to give it back to its owner or would you go to KB toyz and spend it all in one day?

35.If you were bitten by a deadly spider, would you believe that you had amazing spider abilities?

36.I say potato, you say?

37.Do you think that it would be fun to throw peanuts at an 800 pound gorilla?

38.What do you think would be the most fun to sell on e-bay?

39.Charlie, the eight foot chicken man is knocking at your door. Would you answer it?

40.If you life was a book, what would it be called? The Bible

41.Sliced bread is the greatest invention. Do you agree? This is why I prefer unsliced bread.

42.Will you copy and paste this on your own blog so that other people may have the chance to amuse themselves as well? sure thing.

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