Thursday, March 09, 2006


someone called me vain this week. even tho I can totally see why, and I don't really disagree, it just sounded so icky.
like when I see someone who's completely and inexplicably full of themselves and I'm like "heh, somebody lied to her".
only this time I was that girl. ME (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
ugh I'm still feeling a little emo about it.

my mom started a collection to guilt the welfare recipients of her trailer park into donating money to buy me towels cos I told her we'd been drying off with napkins and baby oil.

I'll spend $300 a week getting high but theres just no way I'm paying $50 for towels.

let my fucking hair drip.


BigKilla said...

I steal all my towels from motel rooms. Nice and starchy.

nicole said...

I understand the napkin part. But what exactly does baby oil do for the drying process?...

carrie said...

it locks in the moisture :)
I use it instead of a towel sometimes, but you dont wanna do it everyday.
plus it doesnt do anything for my hair.

Nick said...

If we pooled our money together... we could get you high. I'll take a couple shotguns.

dan said...

Why is there always a connection between towels and getting high?

Towely anyone?

I bet if you had Towely, he'd share.

marrow-from-harrow said...


What is vain?

Is beauty vanity? You are beautiful but does this mean you are vain?

I am beauty itself but must I now be vanity?

Can there not just be pleasure in beauty?

Danielle said...

HAHA! Looks like we have ourselves a junior philosopher.

Taking pleasure in one's own beauty is called vanity, no matter what anyone says, except for Carrie. She can say anything and it be correct. Yoghig.

carrie said...

haha nick, see thats how I got into this mess. all the focus on staying high and not enough on getting dry. omg poetry. I am such a fag.

dan- I don't think I've made that connection. when I was younger my friends and I used to exhale into empty paper towel rolls stuffed with dryer sheets to mask the smell. I'm not so sure that really works. or else my mom was just smart enough to know that my room was smelling a little too linen fresh to be true.

marrow and danielle- Ima let y'all duke that one out, k?