Monday, January 10, 2005

i am a flatulent fish stick who loves to gulp hot bitches

I can't stop!! Try for yourselves...

What are you??

So you're all clicking my ads several times a day right? And I know you've already begun using that convenient Google search bar at the top of the page so you'll never have to leave my blog ever ever again. I am really counting on you all to help me maximize the revenue because well, let's face it, I need money bad.

There's this bastardly pain in my left butt cheek and it's starting to take over my whole leg. I'm kinda pissed about it. A visit to a doctor would probably not be the worst idea, but I'm just so cheap. I can't stand to be charged hundreds of dollars to have someone say, "Take some otc's and get plenty of rest." There is some nerve pinched, I think, and all I can do is keep trying to stretch and increase the range of motion without putting myself into spasms. I need help putting on my socks, it's that bad.

In the last week, I have clocked approximately 3 hours. No one seems to be real understanding that it is excrutiatingly painful for me to sit on my tush for the duration of my shift. The boss is about to shit frisbees. Seriously. I am almost afraid to go back there, and that's only partially because I know how much it will hurt!

Now for my moment of shame; I dropped out. Oh, it's even worse to see it written. Actually, I cried and then I dropped out. I was in such pain from sitting in those piece of shit plastic elementary school sized chairs they have at my school that I couldn't even focus. Between trying to work and go to school and do homework, there was just too much sitting on my ass. I was soooo sad. Some of my classes won't be offered again for another 2 years. One of them was being offered for the first time in 5 years and another for the first in 4. And wouldn't you know they are required.

So here's where we take a pause to click my ad's once more...

We all have to do our part to pay my bills, y'know. It's team work. After missing an entire week of work, paying the I-live-far-too-close-to-Alki-Beach-and-can't-afford-this-view rent will prove to be a challenge (Perhaps you are wondering where Alki Beach is? Why not do a little searching with that handy little Google search bar..It's that easy!). That's why I have enlisted the help of my fellow bloggers, to click when you can, please. I'm not too proud to beg-

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