Monday, January 17, 2005

"I think I swallowed a pubic hair."

I was one of 3 people who came to work today, being MLK Day and all.

Maybe I am just a prick, but I think it's a bit racist that my manager comes around to all the African-American employees a day or two before MLK to ask if they would like to take the day as personal time (our company does not recognize it as a holiday).

For one thing, why the fuck can't I have a personal day in honor of Dr. King??

Secondly, I think to offer certain benefits of employment to one racial group and not to another only serves to further segregation, and is not at all in the spirit of the day.

who fucking cares?

I've finally had enough of being in constant pain and I am going to a chiropractor tomorrow after work.

And then I am going straight to BestBuy to put the third season of the greatest show known to television (which will be released on dvd tomorrow) on my new credit card.

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