Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Who wants to work in Bellevue anyhow...Bitch

Soggy Pussy

Um, yeah. I guess there's no such thing as good part time work. I feel dumb having just typed that. Seems rather obvious now, doesn't it? Fuckers.

Today I had to turn down a far better job than the one I am stuck in now. So close. I wanted to say, "Oh yes, I'd love a full-time position", but all I could muster was, "I'm afraid that's going to conflict with my school schedule".

Quite the disappointment.

I hate looking for jobs. Having to restrict yourself to part-time narrows the options to nearly nothing at all. I suppose there are plenty of pt options if I wanted to take a $5 pay cut, but that's just not the case. So stuck with my crappy job for now...

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