Monday, January 03, 2005

What the Duck???

GRRRR....Back to school tomorrow (already?!!). I guess I have been so busy patting myself on the back for that 4.0 I lost track of time.
And I can't begin to tell you how overjoyed I am to be handing over that $150 for my accounting text. I am beginning to think I should switch my major--I don't think you could make as much money selling crack as you can textbooks, and most of them are obsolete in only a few months time. New quarter, new books, new suckers; a truly flawless operation.

I decided to put my licensing exam off until mid- to late March. Too many holidays over this break made scheduling a bitch and it isn't an urgency considering I don't plan to have use for an active license in the very near future.

In other news, I unwittingly offended my first Southerner this week. Apparently they don't read left to right like we do here in the Northwest. (My apologies to the rest of the South for the shameless generalization; excuse my tasteless humor. On second thought, given this observation, I just realized you probably can't read this anyhow so..*thick Southern drawl* "ya'll can kiss my rebel ass!")

Ya'll can kiss my rebel ass!

I am still quite the inexperienced blogger, as you can easily tell, but I am starting to pick up on a few trends here and there. It seems there is an abundance of fellow bloggers who seem to be a bit uptight and easily offended. There also exists quite the lot who enjoy making somewhat taunting posts that prove to nag at the conservative's countless triggers of rage, rendering them helpless against their own insatiable appetites to post 'pissy' comments in response.
I think (admittedly, s-l-o-w to connect the dots) the intent of the apparent "anger-inducing" blogger is to solicit these emotionally charged comments from the overly sensitive reader. What I don't understand is why these readers bother to post comments to topics that make them so upset. Duck Hunt Please let me know if I am mistaken in assuming most of these sensitive, seemingly serious-to-a-fault responses to controversial opinions are actually offended people expending copious amounts of negative energy entertaining what is clearly just a ploy to illicit that very response.
Like ducks on a pond. I can't imagine it is as simple as that- Surely stupidity is not running so rampantly that even the most "dim bulb" wouldn't eventually say to themselves, "Hey wait, why do I keep chasing the bait??" It's baffling.

Blogger the_strategy_freak thinks I am a total genius.

Hey I am also a rebel, smart and lazy. Cool. Yeah, anyway, my post was long, not the bus...

P.S. I don't deal crack so we aren't so similar.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005 5:40:00 PM  

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