Saturday, July 02, 2005

like I'm not even here...

comments are fixed for this post now...I have no idea what that was about**

there are 80,000 people living in west seattle. why do I keep running into the same ones every time?

went for dinner with tickles and vajohnna at new luck toy and like 10 minutes after the food got to our table tapeworm's ex-girlfriend's mom stood up to leave and spotted him.
she has a delridge accent and she must be half deaf cos she screams when she talks.

and she talked. a lot. about her daughter. of course.

she doesn't acknowledge that she's just interrupted our conversation and our meal but what really irritated me was that she didn't even stop to introduce herself to the rest of the table even though she stayed a good 12 minutes (I said 15 but tickles said 10 so I compromised cos I'm sweet like that).
anyhow, the bitch just wouldn't take a hint.
she didn't leave without penning her daughter's phone number on his napkin and demanding that he call her.

**[unrelated story about her:
tickles and I were good friends when he was dating her and I called him one night to meet up and she was with him and we were gonna roll around in his car. when I walked up on the car she looked at me and said

"he told me I don't have to get out of the front seat".

she was dead serious too. she had actually asked him when she saw me coming if she was going to have to move!]**

about a week after being "bumped into" by her mom at the restaurant, he and I are shopping at the farmers market and by the time we saw her [his ex] it was too late to hide. she goes at him with a running hug. he was like, "uh..", arms flailing at his sides as she clung from his neck. when she finally dismounts, she says a whole bunch of the wrong thing. something along the lines of "omg, I miss you, we need to hang out" (I'm sure it was far more profound than that, but the rage clouds my memory).

what I do remember is the look on her dumbass face when she asked for his number and he told her we didn't have a phone! that made for one hell of an awkward moment that I can be proud to say I was witness to.

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