Thursday, July 14, 2005

a couple nuggets you might not know...or care to know.

jane tagged me for this, but I'm not the tagging kind. so if you decide you want to snatch this up and make your own, please leave a comment so I can come by and read it.

10 years ago:

hmmm...july of 1995 I was 13. I spent most of my time sneaking cigarettes from my mother's purse and hiding in my room to smoke them. I watched bobby's world every morning and beavis and butthead every night. I lived in the hood. I listened to xraided and bone cos I was all ghetto. I played on a volleyball team and I got seriously nervous everytime a certain tall blonde boy with braces came to watch open practice.

5 years ago:

I was 18 in 2000. now that I could buy my own cigarettes, there was just no joy left in it so I kicked smoking and took up porn. especially midget and gay porn. I wore a lot of makeup. I still lived in the hood, but I was never home. none of my dumbass friends graduated. I tried to drive a granada. and failed miserably. tapeworm had just turned 21 and I couldn't hang out cos I was too young to go to the bar. and that totally ruined my summer.

1 year ago:

last summer I called in sick. a lot. in fact if my boss' sex life up to that point hadn't entirely consisted of stalking me, I'd have been canned long ago.
seriously, this guy was hanging out in my cubicle stroking my chair! while I was in it! and then it got worse and he was driving around my block obsessively and there's a turn lane in front of my apartment and he would STOP in it and stare up here! then I walked into my favorite bar one night and he was sitting in there. he lives in another city! I'm pretty sure he was listening to my phone calls and heard me say I was going there! working sucks.
anyhow...Tickles and I drove the cascade loop like every weekend and when that got old we went to cannon beach and ate fudge.


haha..I woke up at 7p. played with my piglet, smoked an assload of weed, blogged some, had a nap, ate a burrito, fought half life 2 for some of tapeworm's attention(..and lost!), made excellent use of the gravity bong, considered doing laundry but decided I prefer watermelon vodka and pink lemonade to clean clothes, used my great ingenuity to invent origami rocks, envied myself, bonghits, ice cream.

**note: I can't believe this. tapeworm says somebody already invented origami rocks. ugh, what the fuck? were they retarded?

5 snacks I enjoy:

apples and peanut butter
bananas and peanut butter
spoon and peanut butter
cracklin' oat bran (cereal)
morningstar corndog bites. or chik'n nuggets.

5 songs I know all the words to:

pigs on the wing 1
pigs (three different ones)
pigs on the wing 2

5 things I would do with 100 million:

I would invest almost all of it in real estate and then I'd spend the rest on
precor efx 546i
and a haircut

5 locations I would like to run away to:

cannon beach
dairy queen
lincoln park

5 bad habits I have:

potty mouth
eat with my hands resulting in #48

5 things I like doing:

working out
reading blogs
getting high
singing poorly
eating pie

5 things I would never wear:


5 tv shows I like:

curb your enthusiasm
chappelle's show
viva la bam
good eats

5 biggest joys of the moment:

ben & jerry strawberry cheesecake
having a tapeworm
reading busblog
jane said "blogorrhea"
being almost done with this meme

5 favorite toys:

pope snowglobe
the cubes
stinkor. I got him in 1986 and he still smells like butt

Blogger jane thinks I am a total genius.

you are 110% bonafide NUTS!!!! I have so many comments, but it'd take up an entire page! I used to run away all the time, but when I turned 18 I stopped cuz I knew my parents didn't have to let me back in the door. You reminded me of that with your cigarette smoking. Gosh Carrie, you sleep laaate! Thanks for doing it :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005 8:33:00 PM  

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